We are proud of our longstanding business relationships and our involvement with the local, provincial and national Deaf and interpreting communities.



“FLIC has been a great resource for meeting all ASL interpreting needs for students with hearing impairments registered at the university.  FLIC’s interpreters are very professional and continually demonstrate a proficiency in the diverse language/ASL demands required in a postsecondary  program of study i.e. Math, Sciences, Medicine, etc.  The organization is very flexible and has worked with me to provide for each students unique needs in the learning environment.”


Merlin Keillor, Student Advisor Disability Resource Centre, University of Calgary.


“Working with FLIC is effortless and easy. The owners are knowledgeable, approachable, and friendly; the contracted interpreters qualified, skilled, and effective in diverse areas.


FLIC as an organization has gone beyond simply connecting contracted interpreters and consumers; FLIC has also worked collaboratively to network and partner together in creating meaningful relationships and ways of working as a team which has fostered positive and healthy community connections. These connections have allowed a vital advancement of access and communication for all consumers  to occur – regardless of whether the consumers are individuals or organizations; Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Hearing; and/or active consumers of interpreting services, agents who book the services for others, or other types of partners in the field.


FLIC is progressive in its approach to business and FLIC’s ownership and management understand the multiple stakeholder perspectives, needs, and interests that exist in the community. More importantly, they understand what it means to be an ally and what it means to empower each consumer while supporting from a place of openness, honesty, and collaboration.


Full of inspiration and expertise in the field, FLIC has emerged as the leader for interpreting services in Calgary by way of their ownership and management consistently demonstrating that relationship is the means through which everything else they do exists – and, perhaps more importantly, that the relationship is why they do what they do in the ways that they do it all.”


~ Elizabeth Croft~


MSc, MA, BEd, BPe

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education Specialist, Alberta Education