We are proud of our longstanding business relationships and our involvement with the local, provincial and national Deaf and interpreting communities.

I am writing to express my utmost appreciation for the exceptional services provided by FLIC. As a client, I have had the privilege of experiencing both their remote and in-person interpretation services, and I am continually impressed by their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to facilitating effective communication. I have always been impressed by their professionalism and reliability. From scheduling appointments to the actual interpretation sessions, they exhibit a level of organization and efficiency that instills confidence in their abilities.
I wholeheartedly recommend FLIC to anyone seeking high-quality ASL interpretation services, both remotely and in person. Their unwavering commitment to facilitating effective communication has made a significant impact on our organization, and I am grateful for the invaluable role they play in fostering inclusivity and accessibility.

Sayonara Cunha she/her/hers

Community Liaison

Calgary Arts Development

Working with the FLIC team has been wonderful. Not only do they do excellent and professional ASL interpreting ( a huge thing in itself not to be forgotten), They also know so much about the set up and logistics that they make everything seem simple. Let FLIC know about any event or situation that you need ASL interpreting for, and they'll make sure that not only does the interpreting get done well, but that all the little details will be thought of and all the attendees will have a great experience!


Geoff MacIntosh (he/him)

Advisor, Assistive Services and Technology

Student Accessibility Services, University of Calgary



FLIC provides excellent support through ASL/English/Deaf interpreter services for the needs of Deaf students, Deaf/hearing parents, and school teams. With ease, interpreters have supported several needs within the school system. Ensuring communication access for K-12 education, parent/teacher/school administration meetings, assessments, workshops, etc. through FLIC has been met with professionalism. The organization’s flexibility and collaborative approach to working within the needs of the individuals plus the school system provides for the unique needs and demands of this learning environment. The ease and support through the interpreter booking process is welcomed and guarantees a continued strong relationship.


Lorna Wick

Strategist – Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Calgary Board of Education



We are incredibly fortunate to have a community partner like FLIC.  The support they provide to our clients, our staff, and our organization is unparalleled.  Their unyielding professionalism, in concert with an unmatched level of skill, compassion, and commitment are an invaluable resource in our everchanging world of complex human service.  


Daryn Hunt


Calgary SCOPE Society

It is a privilege to work with the team at FLIC!   The Interpreters are highly professional and provide excellent support for our Deaf students, parents and employees.  They do an amazing job of ensuring access to communication for everyone, and bring a caring and authentic lens to their work.  FLIC has worked hard to develop a strong working relationship with the school, and their flexible and organized approach makes the booking process seamless and easy.  The team at FLIC always go above and beyond to try to accommodate complex requests, last minute bookings and changes.  They are able to personalize their services to meet the unique needs of a complex learning environment and collaborate with the school to best support our students.  FLIC is a trusted partner in helping our students reach their highest potential and educational goals. 


Clare Haney,

Principal Queen Elizabeth High School


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