Our History

From the start, our main objective was to create an ongoing business relationship with our customers. We knew that especially those in post secondary settings need constants they can build on and through which we can gradually understand the student's needs and individual language.

Lana Kreiser, Janice Manchul, Lorelei Giles and Todd Dean * founded FLIC in 2001. Previously, they worked as community interpreters in Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg. They saw a business opportunity that would provide them with opportunity, stability and flexibility. What started out as a business focusing mainly on post secondary educational interpreting has grown into a multi-faceted company providing interpretation services in all possible settings through out the province as well as across Canada.   In addition, they have been able to provide financial support to local Deaf organizations and their national and provincial professional associations. They strive to support professional development for ongoing learning and improvement with their roster members.

Based on FLIC's philosophy to focus on long-term relationships, they worked on building the business slowly and providing quality interpretation. Over time, the professionalism and quality of service became known in Calgary, and there was more and more work. Every year, more freelance interpreters have joined the roster and the opportunity for further partnerships continues.



* FLIC bid a fond farewell to Todd as he moved on to other professional pursuits and we continue to wish him well in all his endeavours.